Wind Spirit - Steatite Sculpture - Ben Henry

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Artist: Ben Henry
12.5 x 8.5 x 8 cm
Signed by the Ben Henry
Brazilian Soapstone (Steatite)
Ben Henry, Onondaga, Six Nations

Ben Henry, Tay Hon Die Ta (Piercing Heaven), was born January 18, 1950 into the Onondaga Tribe, a member of the Deer Clan. He is a traditionalist which means that he is not a member of the band, observes the old traditions and teachings and does not accept government funding. He moved to St. Catherines from Ohsweken at age seven. Ben moved back to Ohsweken in his early teens, worked as a steel worker on high rises and eventually established his own construction company. He started wood carving at seventeen and changed to steatite (commonly referred to as soapstone)in 1982. He is self-taught and his works have been featured in shows since 1984.