Stuart MacLean: The Vinyl Cafe, Postcards from Canada Volume II: CD Set

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25 Years Volume 2
CD Set
Postcards from Canada

This year marks 25 years since The Vinyl Cafe first aired on the radio; over its 22 seasons the show attracted a weekly audience of over 2 million people on CBC Radio, podcast, Sirius Satellite Radio and on a number of Public Radio stations in the United States. The one-hour music and comedy radio show was hosted by the late Stuart McLean, an award-winning Canadian writer and broadcaster. In celebration of The Vinyl Cafe’s 25th anniversary, we are releasing two new 4-disc sets of Vinyl Cafe material never previously available on CD: Vinyl Cafe 25 Years, Volume I: Dave & Morley Stories and Vinyl Cafe 25 Years, Volume II: Postcards from Canada.Volume II, Postcards from Canada is a special new release, making available for the very first time on CD the popular non-fiction essays by the beloved -- and greatly missed – Stuart McLean. The tracks were recorded at live Vinyl Cafe concerts across Canada and, in McLean’s inimitable style, capture the beauty, history and poetry of the country’s landscape and people; as well, of course, quirky stories and unexpected fascinations that Vinyl Cafe fans have come to expect, told as only McLean knew how. From the story of a man who went over Niagara Falls as a boy, to an Ode to Potatoes; from a celebration of immigrant foods in Vancouver, to a high school Pow-Wow on Manitoulin Island; an essay on humorous writing, to Stuart’s childhood memories of dancing – Postcards from Canada has something for everyone.