River of Dreams: Impressionism on the St. Lawrence

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Edited by Sarah Milroy
Lead essay by Anne-Marie Bouchard
Supporting essays by Jocelyn Anderson, Katerina Atanassova, Anne Beauchemin, Samantha Burton, John Geoghegan, Dominic Hardy, Carla Hemlock, Laurier Lacroix, Julie Nash and Sandra Paikowsky
Hardcover, 256 pages, 75 images
Published by: McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Goose Lane Editions, 2024

River of Dreams: Impressionism on the St. Lawrence celebrates the distinct ways in which Impressionism was practised by artists in Quebec, offering a close look at the work of such luminaries as Maurice Cullen, Clarence Gagnon, Henrietta Mabel May, James Wilson Morrice, and Marc Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté. These adventurous painters documented the quiet villages and farmers’ fields along the banks of the St. Lawrence, as well as the docklands, bustling streets, markets, shops, and factories of Montreal. Their work reveals a province in transition, seen through the eyes of some of its most beloved artists