Rajni Perera: Futures

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Fariha Róisín, Britt Wray and Sarah Milroy
Softcover, 73 pages
McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 2022

Rajni Perera (b. 1985) is a Sri Lankan-born Canadian artist based in Toronto, and a rising star in the world of Canadian art. Through her paintings, sculptures and sculptural mises-en-scènes, Rajni’s work asks: what might the ‘evolved immigrant superhuman’ look like? What type of mutations might flourish by necessity in an increasingly hostile world? In her imagining, we encounter an afterworld in which powerful goddess figures preside over new possibilities. Adaptation is the key to survival—a lesson learned in Perera’s own experience as an immigrant person of colour coming to Canada with her family in the 1980s. With a delight in ornamentation and display and a transcendent vision of worlds to come, Perera is consummately gifted in all the media she engages, empowering us all to see a new world of possibilities for humanity and for the planet we share. The lavishly illustrated publication features a preface by McMichael Chief Curator, Sarah Milroy, an interview with the artist conducted by Milroy, as well as essays by Australian-Canadian author Fariha Róisín and science writer and environmentalist Britt Wray.