Norman Hallendy: An Intimate Wilderness

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Arctic Voices in a Land of Vast Horizons
7 x 10.5 inches, 328 pages
Greystone Books, 2016

An unforgettable and beautifully illustrated memoir of one man’s journeys in the eastern Arctic over 50 years, and a revealing look into the world of the Inuit.Arctic researcher, author, and photographer Norman Hallendy’s journey to the far north began in 1958, when many Inuit, who traditionally lived on the land, were moving to permanent settlements created by the Canadian government. In this unique memoir, Hallendy writes of his adventures, experiences with strange Arctic phenomena, encounters with wildlife, and deep friendships with Inuit elders. Very few have worked so closely with the Inuit to document their traditions, and in this book, Hallendy preserves their voices and paints an incomparable portrait of a vibrant culture in a remote landscape.

NORMAN HALLENDY is an internationally recognized Arctic ethnographer and chronicler of Inuit life and landscapes. He speaks fluent Inuktitut and is affectionately known as AH-PEER-SUK-TI, which means “the inquisitive one,” by his Inuit friends on Baffin Island. His previous books include Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Arctic and Tukiliit: The Stone People Who Live in the Wind.WILLIAM W. FITZHUGH is director of the Smithsonian’s Arctic Studies Center and is a Senior Scientist at the National Museum of Natural History.