Inuit Modern

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by Dorothy Eber (Author), Bernadette Engelstad (Author), Ingo Hessel (Author), Heather Igloliorte (Author), Zacharias Kunuk (Author), Christine Lalonde (Author), Robert McGhee (Author), David Piqtoukun (Author), Alootook Ipellie (Author), John Ralston Saul (Afterword), Gerald McMaster (Editor)
288 pages - softcover
Reprint Published by: Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd
Published: November 2010
Illustrations: Approximately 190 colour plates

A gorgeous retrospective on the transformation of Inuit art in the 20th century, mirroring the vast and poignant cultural changes in the North.In response to a rapidly changing Arctic environment, Inuit have had to cope with the transition from a traditional lifestyle to the disturbing realities of globalization and climate change. Inuit art in the latter half of the 20th century reflects the reciprocal stimulus of contact with Euro-Canadians and embodies the evolution of a modern Inuit aesthetic that springs from an ancient cultural context, creating an exciting new hybridized art form. Inuit Modern: Art from the Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection situates modern Inuit art within a larger framework that reinterprets the Canadian Arctic. Essays by leading Canadian scholars in the field including Ingo Hessel, Robert McGhee, Christine Laloude, Heather Igloliorte, Dorothy Eber and Bernadette Driscoll Engelstad examine the social, political and cultural transformation through the dynamic lens of colonial influence and agency. Inuit Modern also features interviews with David Ruben Piqtoukun and Zacharias Kunuk.