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Ivan on Eyre

Ivan on Eyre - The Paintings
hardcover | 492 pages
full colour
Pavilion Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2004

Ivan on Eyre - The Paintings affords the viewer the opportunity to trace, or retrace, the evolution of the five-decade painting career of Ivan Eyre, one of Canada's most outstanding artists. The 233 reproductions here reveal a singular range of styles and subjects, all of which nevertheless carry the recognizable and unique stamp of this Winnipeg artist.

The majority of the works were chosen from the Pavilion Gallery Collection of some 200 of his paintings. The others come from the collections of public galleries, corporations, private citizens, universities and the artist.

The selection offers examples of Eyre's figurative work, still lifes, personal mythologies, figure silhouette/landscapes, family portraits, and panoramic landscapes. His ability to combine these various subject-interests into works of authority and visual appeal make categorical distinctions between the genres superficial.

Unique to this anthology of Eyre's work, the painter himself offers insightful, unpretentious commentary on the technical, conceptual, and/or inspirational backgrounds of all the paintings reproduced here. He describes the step-by-step development of a number of the paintings, thereby giving the reader/viewer a vicarious involvement in some of the in-studio decision making.

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