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Dianne Bos: The Sleeping Green - Exhibition Catalogue

Dianne Bos, the Sleeping Green: No Man's Land 100 Years Later = un No Man's Land Cent Ans Après

Hardcover, 144 pages
Author: Harry Vandervlist
Printing Services University of Lethbridge, 2017

Dianne Bos: The Sleeping Green - No Man's Land 100 Years Later / Un no man's land cent ans après is a publication catalogue based on a touring exhibition of 36 photographs taken in 'no-man's land' between the trenches on the Western Front of World War I. Artist Dianne Bos travelled through Belgium and France between 2014 and 2016, using a variety of vintage and pinhole cameras to photograph battle fronts a century after the Great War and incorporating objects in the printing process: bullets, rocks, leaves. The exhibition and publication are about how a terrible historical event has become part of the fabric of collective imagination. Accompanying the photo exhibition and book are selections from original editions of significant poetry collections of the time, as well as key contemporary writings. The exhibition and publication are aimed at a general audience. The artwork/photographs are from the collection of the artist. The exhibition opens at the Centre Culturel Canadien, in Paris, in April of 2017, and in September of 2017 it will return to Canada for a tour of galleries in eastern and western Canada. Artist Dianne Bos works extensively with photography using long exposure times. Her work centers around contemplative spaces and time's movement within a still image. She is represented in many public and private art collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe

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