Canadian Travel Posters 2024 Wall Calendar

$22.99 CAD

SKU: 045015


Size: 30.48 x 33.02 cm (12 x 13 inches)
Opens to: 30.48 x 66.04 cm (12 x 26 inches)
Published by Pomegranate Publishing and Swann Auction Galleries
Features US, Canadian, and United Kingdom legal holidays

12 monthly grids and full-colour artwork
High-quality printing with soy-based inks on premium, environmentally sourced paper stock

A Canadian holiday by train meant a luxurious escape for the early 20th-century traveler. By the 1950s, with the surge of automobiles and airplanes, Canadian transit companies set about enticing passengers not only to their trains but also to their steamship lines and lakeside resorts. Artists designed vibrant posters to attract visitors pursuing both business and pleasure.These colorful advertisements often featured speeding locomotives and elegant passenger liners, but they just as often showcased Canada itself—its wild vistas and cultured ports of call, its majestic mountains and wondrous waterways. With this calendar’s 12 vintage posters, bring the spirit of adventure home with you to enjoy every month of the year.