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Canadian Travel Posters 2018 wall calendar

Twelve monthly grids and full-color artwork

Size: 12 x 13 in.
Opens to 12 x 26 in.
Pomegranate Publishing, 2017
Published with Swann Auction Galleries

To the early twentieth-century traveler, a Canadian holiday by train meant a luxurious escape. State-of-the-art locomotives ran to iconic destinations and emerging tourist hotspots, some of which would have been difficult to access prior to the arrival of the rails.

In the beginning days of rail travel through Canada, railroads had unified the country’s massive expanse, reaching places where quality roads could not. But by the time most of the posters here were designed, cars and planes had usurped the appeal of the train. Nonetheless, the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways kept churning out posters. They were intent on drawing passengers not only to their trains, but to their hotels and steamship lines. While their posters often featured modern locomotives speeding down their tracks, they just as often advertised Canada itself—its wild vistas, its villages, and a quiet way of life.

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