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Beads, They're Sewn So Tight

Lisa Myers
Textile Museum of Canada, 2019
72 pp 41 col. ill. 7 x 7 in softcover

Beads, They're Sewn So Tight takes up the depths of social and political relations expressed through beadwork, including living traditions, family and community networks embedded in the visual language of pattern and surface design. Four artists employ distinct techniques in their approach to using beads and thread. From bead weaving to loom work and bead embroidery, their artwork threads through formal concerns of colour and design while exploring issues critical to Indigenous people. Bev Kiska is Anishnabekwe and lives in Vancouver. Katie Longboat is both Mohawk and Cree and lives in Toronto. Jean Marshall is of Anishinaabe/English descent and lives in Fort William First Nation, Ontario. Olivia Whetung is anishinaabekwe and a member of Curve Lake First Nation and lives on Chemong Lake, Ontario. Lisa Meyers is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University and a member of Beausoleil First Nation.

With contributions from Vincent Bonin, Chantal Charbonneau, Ray Ellenwood and Noémie Solomon
Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
288 pp 180 ill. (55 col.) 11 x 9 in softcover
October 2018

At 95 years of age, Françoise Sullivan still works in her studio most every day. From her participation in the 1948 publication Refus Global - a radical statement by Quebec avant garde artists of the time - she has broken through boundaries as both an artist and a woman and her creations throughout the decades include paintings, sculptures, photographs, performance and dance. This retrospective monograph highlights the key role she has played in the history of modern and contemporary art in Canada. In addition to presenting the artist's diverse and multidisciplinary practice, the authors offer an in-depth exploration of some of the milestones in her career. The various styles and approaches adopted by Sullivan over the years are contextualized with the help of a large number of archival documents, both personal and professional. As a whole, the publication provides a fascinating portrait of a singular artist's trajectory through several decades of the changing nature of art.

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